¿What is JDB Pay?

JDB PAY is a payment gateway that allows your company to receive, store and send your cryptocurrencies online, safely and in a matter of minutes.

Gambling and gaming are evolving: JDB Pay is the gateway to the world of innovation. Provide your users with a better experience while involving cryptocurrencies in the process.

Our security protocols

At JDB Token we care about your money. Therefore, we use reliable security protocols so that your capital is safe.

We have the
best blockchains:

BTC (Bitcoin)
Ethereum Blockchain (ERC20)

In addition, we receive
payments in:

Ethereum (ETH)
USDT (Theter)
JDB (JDB Token)

Why use JDB PAY?

We have integration methods that are easy to implement by our business customers and security protocols with the latest technologies to mitigate risks.

Your users will be the first to thank you for choosing us and including cryptocurrencies in your payment gateways. We focus on improving the experience for you.

What services do we provide at JDB PAY?

Once you start your session, you will have several sections that will keep your payment gateway orderly


Here you can see your pending transactions


You will have all your personal data and you can modify them in minutes


You will have a record of all withdrawals of funds


You will see the history of transactions you have made


Manage your cryptocurrencies